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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

When Time Flies

It's hard for me to believe that its been several days since my last posting. I've been meaning to write something every day, but I have been getting tied up in so many other things.
This weekend I finally made my first trip back to the health club in over a year. I admit that I didn't do too much. I walked on the treadmil, lifted some weights, and swam a few laps. Then I sat in the hot tub relaxing and then moved on to the steam room. Too bad one can't burn off extra pounds sitting in hot tub and steam rooms. Then, I'd have no problem getting back into shape. I guess if it was that fun and easy, nobody would be out of shape.
I have also joined up with some political meeting groups in my area. One is simply a meeting group for Liberals in my area; other one is an imbeach Bush meeting group; the third one is a women's rights group. I came across these groups on meetup.com. It's a very cool website that offers people to join or even form groups in their area with people that share their interests. None of the groups I've joined charge anything to sign up (that's alway a plus.) Meetup.com covers groups across the country so I would strongly recomend it to anyone anywhere who is interested in joining up with like-minded people with no strings attached.
Mom's feeling much better. She's even started to get some of her taste back. Unfortunately, the taste that has come back the most at this time is the bitter taste. So, most everything still tastes pretty bad to her. The doctor told her that if she can't eat or keep anything down that they may have to put in a feeding tube. I don't think it will come to that at this point. She is drinking water and Gatorade and she's also been drinking those nutritional energy shakes. Today she was able to eat and keep down a couple breakfast bars and she told me that it didn't taste that bad.
The medicine my doctor gave me for my bile problem seems to be working. It's very gritty and doesn't taste that great, but it's better than suffering with the problems I had before I started taking it. Yesterday, I felt very nauseated I think it might be the medicine. My doctor told me that it might take awhile to adjust and that if I needed to I could cut back on the doses. That's what I did today and thus far, I feel pretty good.
The medication that the doctor gave me for the bile issue is usually prescribed for people who need to lower their cholestrol, but it also works for people with the bike problem that I have. Now that I have to take it everyday (and probably for the rest of my life) I guess the one advantage is that I'll never have to worry about my heart going bad!
Well, I should get back to my pre-spring spring cleaning. Lord knows, the cats aren't getting things done!


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