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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Trauma on the Scale

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. I had my gall bladder removed in the summer of 2003. Ever since then I have been battling gastro-intestinal problems. I'll spare anyone reading this the details. Let's just say that it's like having the stomach flu every day for almost two years. It took me awhile to deal with it because I was hoping to find a homeopathic treatment that would work. I also foud myself without insurance for awhile. The doctor explained that the problem I was having was that bile from my liver was dripping into my stomach and intestines. He explained that most people's bodies adjust after a month or so. Some people, like me, don't adjust. So he prescribed this powder that I have to mix and drink with water a couple times a day. He says that he has had great success in treating this problem with the medication.
I'm glad to finally have something to help with the physical torment I've been under. What I'm not glad about is that when they weighed me I realized that I am heavier now then I have ever been in my life. Just back in October I weighed only 116 lbs. Now, this was very small for me. You see, I had lost over ten pounds after having my gall bladder removed. Now I weigh close to 140. I almost fell off the scale!
I asked the doctor about it. I told him that I haven't been "pigging out" lately. He advised that my weight gain is probably being caused by two issues. Stress can cause weight gain. Lord knows I've had plenty of stress lately. He aslo told me that the weight that I had lost after the operation was lost because of the nasty side effects. Basically, it was like having unintentional bulimia. Since everything had been going right thru me for so long my body has started to retain as much energy from everything I eat whether I need it or not.
One of the things that's so bad is that I'm not one of those people who gains weight nicely. Some women can put on a few extra pounds and it just makes them look more "shapely." I put on extra pounds and it makes me look like a potato.
I don't believe in "diets." I do plan to start being extra careful that what I eat is good for nutrition and not just stuffing my face. I also have resolved that this weekend I will get off my butt and back into the health club. I've been so bogged down with everything going on in my life that I have seriously neglected working out. I hope that by the time the weather changes I will have lost 10 to 15 pounds so I can wear my summer clothes again.


  • At 2:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I feel bad for you... gaining weight sucks bad enough when its your own fault, but gaining weight because you were sick for two years sucks even more
    good luck w/ the working out (i try to start going back to the gym but its always "next monday"


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