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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Is it Friday Yet?

Today has been one of those days from hell. First, the other woman who works in my department had to take the day off. Normally, this wouldn't be a big issue. My boss is also out of the office because he is on a business trip. So, he's been calling me on and off today asking me about issues that she has been working on. I've had to call her at home three times already to ask her what was going on or where she is keeping paperwork.
One of the issues my boss called me to do was to make a reservation for a rental car for one of our reps from Japan. The other woman I work with already made a reservation for the days that she was intially given by my boss. The day the rep was supposed to pick up the car was Saturday. He evidently was held up in Japan and isn't coming to the country until tomorrow now. My boss called me this morning to change the dates of the reservation. The problem was that since the rep didn't pick up the car on Saturday and no one called to change the date (my boss didn't tell anyone to until today) the rental company deleted the reservation after 24 hours. Of course, when I called to see if I could make a new reservation they advised me that they didn't have any cars and probably wouldn't until Friday.
So I had to call my boss on his cell phone which was cutting in and out and try to explain this to him. His English is not the greatest and it's even harder over a bad phone connection. At least he didn't get mad at me. He told me to make the reservation for Friday. I guess the rep will have to make due with cabs until then. I didn't ask; I didn't really care.
While I was trying to take care of that our server went down. Since we need to be on-line to get our email and communicate with our people in Japan (as well as other US locations) this was not good. Thankfully, our IT person was in the area and was able to stop over and fix the problem in good time. If we had to wait then I probably would be looking at being here half the night playing catch up.
This has just been a frustrating day and the timing of it certainly doesn't help. Lets just say that this is not a good time of the month for me. I'm cranky, bloated, cranky, breaking out, cranky, over tired, cranky, and anxious.
Oh, and did I mention that I'm cranky?
Some (crazy) women say that the time right before their "friend" visits is a wonderful time when their personality really shines. I agree, all 27 of them (personalities) are shinng like the sun!
Well, gotta' get back to work, gott'a make those BIG bucks!


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