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Friday, January 28, 2005

Finally Friday

Well it's finally Friday. This has certianly been a long week. I think my goal for tonight will be to do as little as possible after work. I know I'll probably end up getting some cleaning done, but the plan is to veg.
Mom talked to the specialist who was going to insert the feeding tube. He told her that she is too weak at this point to have a tube inserted. Based on a urine test they did he told her that if she doesn't get hydrated soon that her kidneys could fail. Dad is driving her to the hospital right now. I can't go with because I'm still at work.
She's going to have IV's put in to get her rehydrated enough to even withstand having the feeding tube inserted. We're hoping that she will only have to stay in the hospital for two or three days, but that will depend on how quickly the IV's can help. I'm hoping that this will be the worst of what she has to go thru.
My dad is a basket case because of all this. He's not the kind of person who handles change or bad news well. In some ways I'm just as worried for him as my mom. She's the one in the physical pain, but for him this is killing him emotionally. He tends to be obsessive when it comes to things that cause him great worry. I guess it's good that this is happening on the weekend. I can spend time over the next two days with my dad and hopefully manage to take his mind off worrying to some extent.


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